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1. About

1. About

This website contains my research about personal finance and serves as a diary to further develop my ideas, coding, writing skills, and maths. I am currently a PhD student at Griffith University, and my thesis is about the finances of young adults. I also occasionally go by the name Thoma Kaurna (on the FF14 Sephirot server), and my job is a Scholar of course! It is difficult to maintain this website while undertaking my studies, however my remote git repository is regularly updated. Most links will redirect there.


This program gets the ABDC journal ranking for each item in a BibTeX file and returns a summary like below.

This bibliography has:
10 percent A* papers.
16 percent A papers.
8 percent B papers.
4 percent C papers.
39 percent unranked papers.
21 percent other types of references.

Be careful! This bibliography may cite 43 percent rubbish!*
*Journals ranked C or below by the ABDC (excludes others).

The repository is here.